Sunday, June 4, 2017

Back North

Well we left Arizona the middle of April and started our journey home.  Luckily we were able to avoid any weather issues.  Most of the states we traveled through had snow storms the two weeks after we left.  So whew!  We did not do much exploring but we did get to visit with family.  Our one and only Great Niece and a Great Nephew balancing a balloon on a stick ....and below is our newest Great Nephew!

One thing about leaving around the middle of April....there are more campgrounds open!  We like to stay at state parks when we can, but at this time of might be the only camper in the park.   Photo of the view at a state park in Colorado

We have spent the last month getting all our doctoring done.  Other than being older and a bit chubbier than we would like, all is good!  Woo Hoo!

Having been in the desert for the last 3 winters, it always takes awhile to take in all of the GREEN.   One of the things I miss is all of the flowers I used to have around the house, well this year we got into some flower planting and even helped a little with planting a vegetable garden.  
 Man this has been a windy year!  We had winds in Arizona where we volunteered and now we have been getting winds like crazy up here in MN.  Just will not settle down.  We even got in on a Tornado Warning while in MN.  We were at a doctor visit and went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription when the warnings went off.  So they herded all of us into a back room.  Fun times!

Picture of one of our friends barns
Time to start our trek to the Black Hills of South Dakota and start our volunteer job there.  We will be campground hosts in Custer State Park again.  Since we got our medical visits done earlier, we will start a bit earlier at the park.  So soon you will be seeing those buffalo and animal pictures again.

Well we are off to the hills.....

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